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Gone In 60 Minutes

Sep 23, 2022

California, California, California, California...............California

Sep 9, 2022

God didn't save the queen. And we had fun

Aug 26, 2022

What be happening Goners? It's the end of SUMMAH, Pat & Cory wrap it up in style.

Aug 12, 2022

Sometimes you come across something that you expect to be amazing. Expect to elevate you as a person. Expect to pull you from your lowest lows. Expect to break expectations and realize there is so much more to life and love. Expect to be the best and back it up.


This is not that. Enjoy.

Jul 29, 2022

HELLLLO ERRBODY! Our wrap-up episode of weekly month for our anniversary is here. Breathe it in! Enjoy the rambling riffs and not fire/fires