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Gone In 60 Minutes

Jul 25, 2018

Welllllllllllcome back Goners! The weekly 60 continues this month with our continuation of celebrating the finest beer of Futbol (kinda). Cory dives deep into his getaway during vacation. Also discussed: Anthony Bourdain, Canada, James Gunn, memes and the usual dose of pop culture. Rate, review and subscribe on...

Jul 20, 2018

Hello once again Goners! Cory and Pat are back with another Weekly 60! This episode, we get somewhat festive! Topics include: Belgian beer, The Rock, Maroon 5, World Cup and much more! Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform and also share this with your best friend. And then make them share it...

Jul 13, 2018

We’re back with another Gone In 60 Weekly Attack! Welcome to episode 30 Goners! Cory & Pat discuss The First Purge, brunch and Cory’s poor choices. Then $h!t gets heated! Listener discretion advised! Rate, subscribe and review on your favorite podcast listening app/subscriber and share with all your friends! 

Jul 4, 2018

What up Goners!? We’ve reached one year of this podcast! Thank you all for listening in and sticking with us. And sticking with USA as we talk about celebrating the 4th Of July, how to waste $10,000, more SUMMA sensations from Cory, Warped Tour, politics, movies, music and more! Rate and subscribe to keep us going...