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Gone In 60 Minutes

Jun 27, 2018

Happy official start of Cory’s favorite season, Summa! Or how Pat says, Summer. Anyway Goners, today we discuss the changing of the weather guard, dogs, Ryan Reynolds & Ryan Gosling, Space Force, what Pats been watching and more! Rate, review and subscribe on your favorite podcast app!

Jun 24, 2018

Hello Goners! Welcome to another episode of Gone In 60 Minutes! This episode, we discuss Cory’s weariness of music festivals and Pat’s love for them. Also discussed: old times, dodgeball, titties vs butts, cops, swings and much more. Like, rate and subscribe and spread the word to fellow friends!

Jun 7, 2018

Welcome back goners! Your two dudes booze crew is back with another tantalizing episode of GI60M! Today we discuss SpORts! Mainly our home team Golden Knights. Other topics include SUMMA, Wranglers, James Bond, tanning, bandwagoners and much more. Plus GHOST appears once more and your bi-weekly FIRE! Rate, review...