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Gone In 60 Minutes

Aug 29, 2017

Welcome back to our regularly scheduled program with our End Of Summa appreciation! Last we left you, we discussed what sads happened in Summa for us (that political was an offshoot 'member?). Well we didn't want to end Summa on a "sour" note, we end it the way it should be ended! From Summa movies to Summa tunes, we...

Aug 21, 2017

What is this? An episode in between episodes?!? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!!? Well, it is. With our last episode being Summa Sadness and our next being Summa Happiness, there's reason to also be angry with things and how they are happening. Pat gets more real with this episode and gets much off his chest about the...

Aug 15, 2017

It's that sad time of the year. Summa (or Summer as Pat says) is coming to an end. And while Summa is usually a mixture of great times with poor decisions, there are sometimes and some things that damper Summa. Cory and Pat discuss their "Sads Of Summa" they experienced this year and finish talk with a new adventure...

Aug 1, 2017

Hello again everyone! Your boys are back with another episode of Gone In 60 Minutes! This one may seem sooner than before, so we explain why that is! Some "spoilers" sprinkled through out, Pat explains why he "wasn't feeling it" with our last episode and why you should avoid Cory during The Purge. Enjoy!